Lipstick Buying Guide

With the convenience of shopping on the internet, it is not surprising that you would choose to shop for your lipstick online. After all, there is a mind-boggling range of brands, lipstick types, and colors to choose from, and you don’t have to go from store to store for your favorite lip color or to try something new. However, there are some guidelines that we suggest you consider that will give you the optimal experience when shopping for your lipstick online.


Go for Quality

Yes, I know the lower price of many of the options out there is really tempting, but you should balance the price with what you are actually receiving. It is really disappointing when you do not get the product that you were expecting because of the lipstick’s poor overall quality, which results in not looking good or wearing well. When shopping online, it will not be possible to quality check the lipstick before you receive it, so the best way around this is to go for a brand that well known or trusted. These brands will have a high quality standard that they must maintain in order to preserve their reputation, so you can feel comfortable purchasing one of these brands from a trusted website.

Know Your Lipstick Types

There are various types of lipsticks available which suit different needs. Matte, creme, shimmer, and long-wearing are the main types that are readily available. Familiarize yourself, if necessary, about the qualities of each type of lipstick and decide what type is best for you. I personally like sheer and satin lipsticks because of their moisturizing qualities. Yes, depending on the overall quality of the lipstick, I may have to reapply a few times a day when compared to using a matte or long-wearing type, but I have no problem doing so.


Choose the Right Shade

You will not be pleased with your online purchase if you didn’t get the shade that is right you. You may have to do some research in finding out what shades suit you best. One of the most critical aspects to knowing what shades are right for you is to know your skin’s undertone. Persons with cooler skin undertones, for instance, tend to look good wearing bright colors, while persons with dark undertones need to be a little cautious in choosing brighter hues like orange. So knowing your skin tone will make it easier to choose the shades that are most flattering to you.

That’s half the battle with online lipstick purchasing though, because after you have selected a shade that you love, how are you going to make sure that you purchase the right shade for you without actually trying it? Ask the website to send you a sample if possible. If not, ask them to send swatches so you can do some color comparisons. You should make sure that the color settings on your computer are optimized so that you can make good choices.

Check Reviews

Nothing will beat reviews from persons just like you who have already used the lipstick that you’re interested in. Read the reviews to see what the positive and negative qualities of the product are. Some sites even have a great feature that allows you to ask questions that will be answered by customers. This allows you to have a specific concerns cleared up and questions answered by people who are already using the lipstick.

I hope that you will use these tips when shopping for your lipstick online. Happy shopping!

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