The Different Types of Lipstick

Lipstick is a versatile beauty enhancer. You can use it on its own to achieve a range of effects from using light colors for the natural look to using bold colors for a more dramatic effect. However, choosing lipstick goes beyond choosing a shade to suit your mood; you need to know the different types of lipsticks available and how their formulations will affect the look of your lipstick. Here are a few types of lipstick that are available now.


Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks usually come in bright bold shades as well as very dark shades. The amount of pigment needed to give them their rich color, as well as the ratio of oil to wax, cause these lipsticks appear flat in that there is no gloss or shine to them. Since there is usually very little moisturizing properties in matte lipsticks, they work better if your lips are properly hydrated prior to application. So make sure you drink lots of water and you can also wear a soothing lip balm overnight to hydrate the lips and remove any damaged skin. Matte lipsticks tend to last longer than most types of lipstick and are suitable for occasions like a night out when touch ups might be inconvenient.

Cream Lipsticks

Cream lipsticks are very popular because they have properties of both matte and lip gloss, so they have lots of color and yet are easy to wear, giving your lips a hint of shine. While there is more wax in a cream lipstick, allowing it to look smoother on the lips, it can still have a drying effect so, as with mattes, make sure that you hydrate your lips prior to application for best results.


Long-Wearing or Non-Transferable Lipstick

This lipstick is, as the name suggests, one to go for if you don’t want to touch up at all. In addition, when you wear this type of lipstick it will not leave marks on clothing or cups or even cheeks! They will last all day and usually have to be removed with a make-up remover. Some long-wearing lipsticks have two parts – a base which contains the color which when applied you allow a little time to dry, and then a followup with a tint-free gloss to provide sheen. The drawback with long-wearing lipstick is that it can dry the lips. There are now long-wearing lipsticks out there that contain moisturizers to combat this problem, so make sure that you look for one with moisturizers if this is your choice of lipstick.

Satin Lipstick

If you want a “barely there” look, as with a glossy finish, a satin lipstick is just what you need. This formulation will moisturize while providing a hint of color and a light sheen to your lips. This is a personal favorite of mine – you will have to touch up during the day, but if you are achieving the look that you want, it’s a small price to pay.

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